3 Ways to Increase Your Sales on Instagram

With our current unstable economy, creating new ways to generate income is of critical importance. With more people making purchases online than ever before, why not use the tools at your disposal to capitalize on those sales opportunities. It’s very easy to make an online drop shipping store through Shopify to make a few extra bucks. Along with making an online store, you can create an accompanying Instagram account to optimize your sales leads. By using social media you can directly increase your sales on Instagram and establish an avenue for customer acquisition all at once.

Increase your Sales on Instagram

Increase your sales on Instagram with ease

When creating your Instagram account you should always target your market. This may seem obvious but this is one of the biggest mistakes that people make when creating their account. They try to post for everyone hoping that something sticks and often they are disappointed. Consider making content that will engage your target market. You can gauge what content worked for you in the past by engagement numbers and carrying those practices forward when creating new content for your followers to enjoy.

Remember, your content is not the goal of sale conversion. The goal should be engagement with your target market and sales will inevitably follow. 

Use those hashtags!

Selecting hashtags plays a massive role in your post as this is what tells Instagram’s algorithms which feeds to feature them on. We have tried several different combinations of hashtags and have found the highest rewarding engagements from the following grouping.

  • Since Instagram allows 30 hashtags at a time per post we suggest using 20 so it doesn’t look spammy.
  • There are 4 main categories of hashtags that we suggest utilizing. Geolocation, content type, user names, and trending related topics.

There is a bit of a science when selecting the hashtags. Climbing the ranks of Instagram hashtags work as a bit of a domino effect. Once you have reached the top of a smaller hashtag, it makes it easier for you to climb to the top of larger hashtags. If you have a new account with low levels of engagement, always utilize some form of a safe provider for purchasing likes for Instagram. This will boost your probability of being flagged by Instagram’s explore page and it will increase the odds of other people engaging with your content and ultimately converting to a sale.

Ads can help too

Utilizing ads with your post is one of the best things as well it will bring a very select group of people to your page. When setting up an ad campaign you are prompted with very specific questions to help establish the best people to put your ad in front of. If you want to increase your sales on Instagram, ads aren’t a bad option.

Say you are a music artist that has a similar sound to The Weeknd,  you could target people that follow his page for instance, in a certain geographical area, and only spend a few dollars. By getting clever with how you target your audience you can maximize every possible lead.

Don’t forget about Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is a great way to keep your users engaged with all of your content. Instagram stories offer a rapidly consumable opportunity for your followers to engage with. All it takes is a 10 second shot of your newest product, or photo announcing the launch of a new service, and there you have it! Take advantage of Instagram’s layout since they feature stories above all else.

Don’t get too carried away with utilizing stories though. Keep them quick, fun, and to the point. Don’t forget to feature customer posts as well. When potential customers see positive reviews in a sellers stories it instantly instills trust in that seller. Since text based reviews are so easily manipulated, stories offer a send of credibility to increase your sales on Instagram.

Check out this fantastic video with plenty of tips and tricks to help you increase your sales on Instagram:

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