Free TikTok followers-Risks and Rewards

When navigating the complex world of social media marketing you need to be completely confident in what you are doing. There are a lot of risks and rewards when thinking outside of the box for increasing your following on different social media platforms. Always remember that there is no easy route with creating a viral account on any platform, especially TikTok. In this article, we cover 2 major risks and 2 major rewards for utilizing free TikTok followers. 

Free TikTok followers are often botted

One of the biggest issues with free TikTok followers services is that what you’re paying for is often a bot. They are often poor quality accounts that are either shadowbanned, which is the act of TikTok blocking a user’s content in such a way that the user doesn’t know it’s happening. This can be very harmful when you have a number of shadowbanned accounts engaging with your content. This will ping automated flags and get your account into trouble. If you are going to engage with acquiring free TikTok followers, always go the safe route and purchase them from a reputable source like ShareSupplier. This will ensure you get real, active, high-quality followers and will not put your account at risk.

Free TikTok accounts can get you trending

If you do happen to stumble upon a website that provides free TikTok followers, which are real and active, you have struck gold. We have yet to find any sites that provide this, but we haven’t been to every site that offers these solutions so we are not able to say that it’s not 100% out there. TikTok’s algorithm is still in its infancy and doesn’t have major updates on it as of yet, so navigating it with engagement ultimately helps your trend. We have found that the best way to help an account trend is by increasing the likes to shares ratio on your content. If you are interested in getting your content trending you can safely purchase likes and views. If you really want to increase your odds remember to maintain at least a 100-1 view-like ratio. 

The Sheep Effect

People are a lot more willing to engage with content and follow profiles when there is a major following on an account. You have to think about the psychology behind this, which ultimately boils down to the subconscious mental process someone goes through when following an account.

Subconscious engagement

The first step is the user stumbles upon content that is interesting to them. Second is they look to see how much engagement that content has had. Lastly, they look to see how many followers are on the page to reinforce what they are looking at is popular and of value.

It’s recommended to establish a large following to engagement ratio to help with increasing your natural conversion rates. This can be done by getting the ball rolling with high-quality free TikTok followers.

Always remember that nothing will take the place of good content either. No amount of engagement will persuade someone to follow your account when the content is of low quality.

TikTok’s algorithm is constantly upgraded

Remember that when you utilize free TikTok followers services that these accounts often have many red flags associated with them. Some of the flags to watch out for are no profile picture, no content and large followings with little to none follow backs. These are all sooner or later get filed into risk accounts and when it reaches a certain amount of followers on their page and is put at risk for being shadowbanned.

Instagram was in this position before when their algorithm was allowing for purchased engagement to help push content to the top. They updated their algorithms and stopped this. When it comes to free TikTok followers it’s best to start small and work your way up in numbers gradually over time.

Start smart

Utilize this time you have right now to ride the wave of safely purchased engagement to help your content trend on TikTok by starting off with some free TikTok followers.  It’s a great way to grow your following and engagement until you reach a point where your quality content will sustain your following.

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