Getting Sales with Facebook Ads – Tips and Tricks

Facebook holds one of the strongest ad platforms on the internet. Countless companies are getting sales using Facebook ads. If you think about it, you’re able to put your content into a typically high converting audience, which allows you the ability to differentiate you from your competition. Facebook allows you to put out all types of content, from images, GIFS, videos, and everything in between.

Trial and error plays a huge part figure out what content generates high converting campaigns. Once you’ve figured that out, you are printing money. In this article we will go over how to set up your ad campaign, how to create your best target market and ultimately how to optimize and convert. 

If you are wanting to start getting sales with Facebook ads, let’s first look at how to set up your ads. We will go over a 6 step process to creating your ads. This will give you a better understanding of how incredibly easy it is to set up. Later in the article we will go over specific points to help increase your conversions and get you into conversions. 

Getting started with Facebook ads

  1. Ensure you either are the owner of your Facebook page or you are a admin of the Facebook page with ad access. Once you’re in your page go to the campaigns tab. Click the ‘create ad campaigns’ and then click ‘create’ to get started with your awesome new Facebook ad campaign! 
  2. This is pretty self-explanatory but what you need to do is name your campaign. Always make sure that you name your campaigns differently so you can monitor analytics and figure out which ad within your ad campaign is doing best. 
  3. If your page isn’t already set up for ads you will be prompted to set up your ad campaign. This is an easy set up and facebook will guide you through it. 
  4. Targeting your audience is an art. We will go over this in more detail later in the article. 
  5. Choose your facebook ad placements.
  6. Set your budget and schedules .
  7. Create your facebook ads. 

Content First

A part of creating high converting ads is knowing what type of ad resonates best with your target audience. You could argue that the two hardest parts of creating high converting-Facebook ads are finding your niche target audience, and creating the ad format that works with them. The same rule holds true for any time you are releasing content so make sure you are releasing right content into the hands of the right people. Make content that sells itself. Don’t create content with the agenda of making sales. Create content with the hopes that people will like it and engage with it. If you have a strong target demographic, sales will follow.

Spend a good while thinking with your marketing team or by yourself about how to create weird, funny, strange and emotionally provoking ads that will differentiate you from your competition. Ask yourself one question – If you weren’t the CEO/Marketing executives of your company, would you HONESTLY share your content? If not, we have to go back to the drawing board. The best part of this is you can actually have fun making this content as it’s something you would enjoy. Let your creative juices flow and enjoy the marketing ride. 

What type of content should I use?

There are several types of content that you should consider after you have the come up with a good concept for your ads. Look at it from the perspective of your potential end user.  What is the easiest and least time consuming way you can go from engagement to conversion?

When it comes to getting sales with Facebook ads, we always suggest that you fill the ad with some engagement first to create some subconscious trust between the user and your post. As mentioned in previous articles, when you have likes, comments, and shares on your posts you put your content in a much higher chance of being trusted.

Think about it. When you look at Facebook page that has 20,000 followers vs a page that has 200, which are you going to trust? If you need to juice up your Facebook page with followers you can find that here. Once this is sorted consider your ad types. To start off, consider the following ad types that are best suited to your target market. 

Types of Ads

Facebook offers a variety of ads that you can use to start targeting potential customers. Getting sales from Facebook ads could prove to be a great way of generating income for your business and knowing which ads best suit your business is key.

Image ads

This is a entry level option to start getting your feet wet with Facebook ads. This can easily be done on your Facebook ads by clicking the ‘boost this post’ with an existing post on your Facebook page.  There is no secret sauce for creating Facebook images that will convert. It’s ultimately trial and error to figure out what converts in your favor. 

Video ads

The placement of Facebook video ads is one of it’s best features. It will end up in your target demographic news feed’s and in longer videos. This is a strong feature as people are already engaged with the content they are watching, which can increase conversions in your favour. You can do animated, screen recordings with voice overs, or straight content based video. The world is your oyster for this type of content generation. You should always have some base level engagement of views when creating this which helps boost the videos into explorer pages and not just ad pages. We recommend you buy views and get other engagement through the ads. Using those views will kickstart the video into other algorithms. Creating video poll ads is a great way to test your target demographics engagement.

Slideshow Ads

This ad model is essentially creating a short video of sorts from a selection of photos, texts or small video clips. The cool thing about this is taking advantage of the fact that all people don’t have equal internet connections. So, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a good view on this as it requires 5x less bandwidth to your page.

Collection ads

If you’re confident that your ad is high converting and extremely eye catching with your target audience we recommend considering collection ads. This gives people the ability to scroll on your products and have a very fast purchasing process. 

Instant experience ads

These are full-screen ads that load 15x faster than a mobile website that has to be clicked through on your ads. This gives your user an instant experience of your website. 

Lead ads

Lead ads are used for mobile devices are used to make it much easier for your potential users to sign up without writing a full login. If you have a newsletter, trying to get people to sign up for trials or just trying to get more information from your users this is probably your best ad format option. 

Dynamic ads

These ads help you with targeted products to end users who will most likely be in using them. You can use this ad type for a target group who have been to your website recently and put something in their cart. You will use this ad format to retarget them and this ad will show up in their news feed. Reminding customers to complete the purchase process is a great way to increase sales. 

Messenger ads

Over 1.3 billion people use facebook messenger every day. Facebook ads show up in their messages and immediately draw attention. Go into the mind of your end user and think about what kind of conversations those people are having and what would fit well for them to click on your ad. 

Playable ads

This can be a great ad format for app gaming developers who want to give users a glimpse of their content. 

Some extra tips for a smart ad campaign

In addition to the methods above, here are a few tips with getting sales with Facebook ads.

Experiment with audience targeting

Always start with a larger demographic audience. For example if you are running a campaign for users who want to come to a local bar. Start your campaign with your city. Then add more niches to it until you reach your conversion goals. Don’t be too impatient with it as ads can take a couple of weeks to get the right audiences through their ad selection algorithms. So every 2-3 weeks ad a new niche. Make sure you are staying cognizant about any assumptions you are making when using this targeting system. For example, I live in Canada and I sometimes get ads that are in French, which is a total waste of that ad as I don’t speak French (even though I probably should). 

Facebook pixel is your best friend

It is a small piece of code that can have a massive impact on your campaign. You imbed the code into your website and it’s able to do several things like tracking conversions from facebook, remarketing to people who have been to your site from facebook and creating audiences that are similar to your high converting ad campaigns. 

Use content which is good content

If you wouldn’t share it, don’t use it. Make sure images are professional and the content of the ad is either written by an ad specialist or someone who is familiar with facebook ads. 

Test everything

Getting sales with Facebook ads means testing your approach. Facebook has a great analytics system that you can utilize to ensure your ads are up to speed. Whenever you ad a new niche to your target audience, testing out a new campaign or changing text/content format. Don’t start with a big bang on your budget. Start with a smaller budget, ensure that your content is converting and you can slowly start building up your ad budget.

The video below (48 mins) gives you a fantastic walkthrough of Facebook ads and how to create a successful campaign with insights to help you target your campaigns reach.

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