How Do You Get TikTok Famous? – Start here!

TikTok is exploding as the world’s fastest growing social media network and lots of people are taking note. As the user base continues to grow, many people are wondering how to use TikTok in the most advantageous way possible in order to get their content the most exposure. How do you get TikTok famous? Well, start with these tips.

How do you get TikTok famous? Just start!

Before you start creating your content, be sure your profile is in good shape. A good profile should be inviting, interesting, and engaging. A great profile picture is a good place to start. When choosing a profile picture it should be something unique that will set you apart. Think of something that could be easily recognizable that you can become known for in the future. What you choose in your profile picture could be almost be thought of as your mascot or your logo (if you have one).

No one has ever asked how do you get TikTok famous and decided the answer would be having an unattractive profile, so take the time to make your profile something you would be interested in following.

To get the ball rolling on establishing a following for your account you can purchase TikTok followers that will help you on your way to becoming famous on TikTok. By having a small following you can start drawing in more organic followers as you create more content.

TikTok fame means creating good content

Before you start churning out tons of awesome content, establish a plan for your content. If you are strategically creating your content the likelihood of becoming known for that content will grow. How do you get TikTok famous – by creating good content!

While this idea is obvious, there are many people who haven’t narrowed down the type of content they are creating. Consequently, these individuals end up creating every kind of content they can think of, often not very well. If you are a comedian, focus on creating comedic content. If you create political content, stick with that. Once you start mixing subject matter and content styles things can get messy, and your followers will struggle to find continuity in your content.

To gain some direction in your content creating roadmap you should know what makes good content and what doesn’t. Let’s jump into some basics around content creation.

Choose your niche

As mentioned above, stick with a niche. Are you a big fan of clothing, or cars, or animals? Great! Stay in your lane and focus your effort into your niche. Be informative, share your opinions, and explore different ideas inside your niche and your followers will eat up your content.

Some concepts to consider when exploring your niche are:

  • What’s my demographic?
  • Is there a large following for this niche?
  • How do members of this community communicate with one another inside the niche?
  • Are there relevant products/services that have to do with this niche?
  • Are there existing content creators in this niche?
  • Is there lots of competition within this niche?

Asking these questions can help you establish a foundation to build your content ideas and marketing strategy behind. Once you’ve uncovered the answers to these questions you can move towards creating high-quality content that your audience will find useful.

When users are engaged with really good content they see value in the creator just as much as the content itself. Through your content you create a relationship with your viewers.

Content ideas

How do you get TikTok famous when you don’t have an interest in your content? – You don’t!

Chances are the niche you are creating content for is near and dear to your heart, or at least a growing interest for you. With a genuine interest you’ll gain valuable insight into making useful content. There are two ideas you can keep in mind when thinking up ideas for your content.

What would I want to see?

Asking yourself this incredibly valuable question will help in keeping the ideas coming for your niche. Many people have created content because they wish it was there for them in the first place. If you’ve ever done research looking for something and found an article that helped you already know the value of content like this.

For example, if you are looking for the closest comparable running shoes, but no articles or videos exist on answering your question, you have the perfect opportunity to be the first person to make content answering this question. Chances are if you have the question, others have too, so be the first to provide and answer.

Is your niche lacking a particular type of information? Perhaps it’s a critique on manufacturers or individuals, perhaps the niche is lacking resource aggregation, or video footage of new products, the list is endless. Getting creative about coming up with ideas to add value to your niche’s community will pay dividends in the future.

Many people have indirectly answered the question of how do you get TikTok famous without even trying. They’ve simply made genuinely useful content and became famous on TikTok as a consequence.

Creating the content

Once you know what your content will be about, it’s time to record. Creating high-quality content doesn’t have to be an expensive process, there are a few things you can do on the cheap to get a great result.


Lighting should be the first thing you address when setting up to record your content. A bright, well-lit area is going to produce the best looking content. Set yourself up near a godo lighting source, this could be near a window or beside bright artificial lighting. Diffused light works the best and doesn’t cast harsh shadows on you, or the objects on your shot.

If you are having trouble finding consistent, good-quality light consider investing in some video lighting. These often come with stands that allow you to position your lighting as well as having dimmable functionality. In addition you can even build your own lighting setup.


Clear audio is key when making good content, so be sure your set is free of loud noises, other people, or anything that can cause auditory interruption. While recording audio directly from your phone is often adequate, don’t be scared to explore options outside of built-in microphones. There are plenty of options around the $100 mark that will provide your content with outstanding audio quality. (Looking at you musicians)


Where you film your content can be just as important as the content itself. Consider having a designated place/spot to create your content. If you are lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, you can convert it into a studio for your content creation. BY having a specific place where you can create content, you can maintain an visual consistency for all your future videos.

Consider dressing up your setting, no one wants to see your video from a filthy room. Make your setting visually pleasing. Throw some plants in the background, or interesting objects, or eye-catching decorative lighting. Get creative!


Once your content is ready to share, be sure to use appropriate and relevant hashtags so your content gets seen. Don’t simply post content with every conceivable hashtag you can come up with. Since TikTok limits the number of hashtags per post the best way to use hashtags is to include 2-3 popular ones and the remainder more targeted.

An example of this could be if you are creating content around car wheels. Popular hashtags could be #supercar, #luxurycars, then more targeted hastags like #ferrari, #lamborghini, then even more targeted like #miami, #losangeles.

Including croad hashtags and targeted hashtags will help you capture a wider audience for your content and help you get famous on TikTok more easily.

Constantly Create

How do you get TikTok famous when you only post once a month? – You don’t!

You’ve probably already noticed that people who are famous on TikTok are constantly creating content for their viewers to enjoy. To compete, you will need to do the same.

Having to constantly create content can be overwhelming if you have no plan, so put a timeline into place that allows you to be a week ahead or so in generating content, then you’ll have a constant supply of ideas.

Study the competition

Collecting influences is something you should be doing all the time. If you see something you like, use it! Does one of your favorite content creators do one thing you really love? emulate it! By working of of your influences and what you like best you can move toward establishing your own unique style. A highly developed sense of style comes from mixing a wide variety of influences so be sure to look around and explore what other people are doing and take what works.

While taking what works you’ll also develop a sense for what doesn’t work and what to avoid when making your content. Over time you might find that cheesy opening catchphrases are something you don’t want in your video, or you might realize a content creator is consistently making the same mistake. Learn from this!


How do you get TikTok famous without working together? A great way to appeal to a wide audience is to collaborate with others in your niche to reach their audience as well as yours. Striking a partnership can be incredibly easy, so don’t be scared to reach out. Even if you are simply looking for tips or asking a question, that could be your foot in the door towards a collaborative relationship in the future.

The real beauty behind collaborations is when followers trust one content creator, they trust those who collaborate with them too. Take full advantage of this and strategically pick who you want to collaborate with and on what.

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