How To Go Viral on Facebook – Hack the Algorithm!

We have done lots of research on how to go viral on Facebook. Although there is no ‘secret sauce’ to guarantee your video to trend, we can give you some tips to enhance your chances. As you craft your method of how to go viral on TikTok your skills will grow and your content will get better and better. Taking the time and putting in the work will get you there, be patient.

Focus on content

According to 99firms, there are over 4 billion video views EVERY DAY. There are 400 users that watch over 100 million hours of video content daily. So what does this mean? Essentially it means that there is a lot of competition. With so much competition out there you want to be sure you are putting maximum effort into creating the highest quality content you can muster.

When focusing on creating your content, understand that your skills will grow with time. So if you are just starting out, don’t worry. Through dedication, you can learn how to go viral on Facebook.

Creating top-quality content can be done in a number of ways, from filming on your iPhone to using external microphones, lights, and multiple cameras.

To ensure your content is of the highest caliber start with a few basics. Master these and you are on your way to providing the world with quality content for when you go viral on Facebook.

Content Production Basics


With good lighting, your content can really pop. Set yourself up near a window or in any other well-lit area and start there. Soft diffused light is very complimentary when shooting as it doesn’t cast harsh shadows. This has an added bonus of not having to squint during your shoot.

Sound Quality

Good sound quality can go a long way. While the microphone built into your phone will work just fine, you could always go the extra mile in your pursuit of learning how to go viral on Facebook. For under $100 there are a number of great external microphones that can attach directly to your phone or camera and could be worth looking into if you are going to be creating content regularly.


One way to help you learn how to go viral on Facebook is being able to compose your shot in an interesting way. So many people simply stand in front of their phones and press record – BORING! Why not walk into frame from the side, stand up into frame from the bottom, drop into the frame if you can. If you can make every aspect of your content interesting the chances of your content going viral is far better.


Don’t forget about the background and the foreground. Creating your content in interesting places with enticing colors, decor, or decorative objects adds an atmosphere to your content that can bolster your online persona. This can be very helpful if you are to learn how to go viral on Facebook.

If you are marketing a luxury brand, chances are your content won’t be produced at a landfill. While the contrast between the setting and the product/service/style can be successful it’s best to know that a little goes a long way. Think of suitable locations overall for your content that matches up with your overall aesthetic.

Where to upload your content

First things first, you need to understand that Facebook video is competing with YouTube. This means the ranking algorithm that Facebook has will always favor videos that are hosted by Facebook over those hosting websites like YouTube. Remember that you should upload your video to Facebook features. If you have any questions regarding this write us a ticket and we can guide you through the process. If you aren’t uploading your content to Facebook video it will be impossible for that video to go viral on Facebook.

Also, remember to always post videos on your business page as this is where the majority of Facebook’s ad revenues are generated.  We have done several tests on this, where we uploaded similar content to YouTube and to our Facebook business page. We utilized similar marketing strategies by giving the videos a content boost. We will go into further detail of utilizing this later in the article. What we observed was YouTube posted links got about 1/10th of the engagement that YouTube videos achieved (shares, reach, comments, and likes). 

In Summary: Always upload your video straight to youtube on your business page for the highest chances of virality.

Purchasing engagement and ads

Utilizing services like buying Facebook video views will be your best bet to kickstart your video into the trending algorithm. In order to obtain other engagement, we recommend using engagement-focused ads with a 5$/day budget. The ad focus should be on obtaining likes, comments, and shares. By getting the ball rolling using this method you can reach your goal of successfully learning how to go viral on Facebook.

In Summary: Always use a combination of purchasing engagement and Facebook ads for your highest chances of making your videos go viral. 

Tricks of the trade

Thumbnail Image

Always create an awesome thumbnail for your video that can get users’ attention. Remember that when you are utilizing Facebook ads, a part of people engaging with on the videos is based on your ability to get their attention on their Facebook feed. With such a massive amount of content that is being pushed on everyone’s feed through their friends, pages they follow, and other ads. It is absolutely imperative that you do everything in your power to make your thumbnails for the video as eye-catching as possible. Part of learning how to go viral on Facebook is understanding what appeals to your viewers. Once you know that you can tailor your content to them in a more appealing way.

Video Length

When learning how to go viral on Facebook one thing to consider is video length. Most people don’t have time to watch a 40-minute video, but most people will have 5 minutes. We recommend that video lengths are kept to a minimum. It is much better to create 10 shorter length videos that give the user the ability to sift through the titles rather than spending time on a 20-minute video. Also, your video user retention % is a huge part of the algorithm that gives your account a higher probability of going viral. 

Sharing on other platforms

If learning how to go viral on Facebook is your goal, understand that you can promote your content on other platforms than the one you’re hoping to go viral on. Many TikTok followers have posted their content on Instagram to migrate followers from one platform to the other, you can do the same!

Use other platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc to share your content. This will increase your probability of getting the most exposure to your video. Reddit is often referred to as ‘The Front Page of the Internet’, so why not use that to your advantage and share your quality content there.

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