How To Go Viral on Reddit – Best Practices

With so many digital avenues to reach an audience these days it would be a mistake to not mention Reddit. Referred to as “The Front Page of the Internet”, Reddit is an incredibly massive stage for your content that is worth utilizing. With over 224 million visitors per month, there is plenty of eyes to get your content in front of. If you are looking how to go viral on Reddit we’ve got some tips to help you achieve your goal.

Reddit’s architecture

If you want to go viral on Reddit you need to understand what Reddit is. Reddit is essentially an online newspaper that consists of what are known as ‘subreddits’ which are specialized sections of this metaphorical newspaper relevant to a particular subject. There are over 220,000 subreddits that you are able to place content. No matter what your content is, you will find a home for it on Reddit. 

According to Alexa, Reddit is the 19th most engaged website in the world. It has an average time on site of 5:50 seconds. It also ranks number 6 on Alexa for engagement in North America. To put that in perspective Facebook has an average online time of 4:10 seconds. When it comes to platforms to help trend your content, Reddit should definitely be on your list.

Be part of the community

Reddit is so successful as a media platform because of its numerous communities. Many individuals with shared interests have made close friends and even have met their spouses through Reddit. With such a value around community it’s critical to your posting success to become a member of a community. Everyone has an interest in something so find subreddits that you can engage with on a regular basis and add value to so when the time comes to share something of your own, it will be accepted. Once you’ve posted don’t forget to answer and private messages or comments pertaining to your post. That’s how you build relationships and trust within a subreddit and as an individual user.

Post videos, pictures, or any other relevant information towards your chosen subreddits. By doing this you establish a track record of adding value to the community at large. Users can check post history of anyone on Reddit to ensure they aren’t simply spamming numerous subreddits for attention. This is a well known practice so think twice about posting.

Note: Posts on Reddit can be deleted by their respective authors at anytime.

Where to post on Reddit

Of course, you need a Reddit account to start posting. Luckily, signing up for Reddit is very simple. Create an account name and enter your email and password. After you submit this form you will have to verify your account. After you do this, you’re all done the registration process.

Once registered you can start sharing your content and engaging in the community. If you happen to be making videos on Tiktok there are a plethora of subreddits that you would be able to place your content. Check out this subreddit which is a incredibly popular place for people posting funny TikTok videos.

If you are having trouble finding the subreddits that your content would fit in, I recommend using Google to help narrow down your search. For example, if you are selling shoes and would like to post your content in a shoe related subreddit you can Google ‘shoe reviews reddit’. The search result will show you the applicable subreddits that are a match for that search term. If you just do a little scrolling you will most certainly find a subreddit that will match what you are looking for.

Do not spam Reddit

The culture of Reddit is very unique and is highly aware of when people are pushing products or services for monetary gain. The Reddit community works together to report advertisers who don’t follow guidelines and spam the website with their promotion. Before you post on Reddit you must engage with the community. This can be done by commenting, upvoting, providing information, and subscribing to subreddits.

If you have a new account and try to post in the larger subreddits you will most likely receive an automated message by a moderator (an ai bot or human profile) that removes posts that break community guidelines. This can be due to a number of reasons as each subreddit has different rules on how they let their community members post. For some subreddits you will need a minimum amount of engagement before sharing a post.


When a user becomes shadowbanned Reddit restricts the visibility of an account. This a way for Reddit to filter out spammers. If you want to see if your account is shadowbanned you can use this service.

How does content go viral on reddit?

The majority of content that goes viral on Reddit is simply good content posted in the correct subreddit. This comes down to you knowing the subreddit culture and posting your content to fit within it. Once a post is active it goes under the ‘new’ section. This section is the most competitive as it has all new posts to the whole of Reddit in one place. Once your post is trending it will make its way closer to being on the front page.

It is recommend to have at least some engagement on the videos prior to posting as this will build trust for your content. If you don’t have engagement you can buy some engagement to entice more viewers. For example if you need to buy some cheap youtube video views you can find them here.

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