How To Go Viral on TikTok – Beginners Guide

TikTok is climbing up the ranks in becoming one of the largest social media platforms on the planet. The vast majority of viral content these days is originating from TikTok. With so many accounts being created every day many people are searching for a guide on how to go viral on TikTok so they too can join the viral content train.

Going Viral on TikTok

The issue with going viral on platforms such as Instagram is you have to be extremely lucky or you already have an engaged audience. With a few little tips and tricks, we will be able to give you a huge competitive advantage in terms of getting more views on your video and increase the probability of getting your videos to the top of explorer pages, with increased followers and ultimately going viral.

Keep in mind that social media platforms work by people following other people. While this is blatantly obvious, there is a wave of viral content that captures many users all at once. Think of it similar to a domino effect.

Establish a following

You will have a better chance of having someone follow you when you already have a healthy following on your account. If you don’t already have an established fan-base it is recommended to purchase an already established account within your niche or to buy TikTok followers. This will exponentially increase your odds of converting viewers into followers as it’s been shown that accounts with larger following see exponential growth as their followers increase.

Create high quality content

When you are creating videos you want to be sure you are creating high-quality content. The content you create will be the largest predictor of your success rates for creating viral content. You should aim to be creating quality content at least once a day.  Hold your content to a standard that you can maintain going forward. While your content doesn’t need to be theatre quality, a few basics will go a long way.

Short and sweet

Keep in mind the ideas you are trying to convey must fit within a 60 second time period. TikTok breaks their videos into 4 15-second segments adding up to 60 seconds of total video footage. Clips that fit neatly into these time slots are the most ideal and will hold the attention of your viewers. Also, content that falls neatly into these time constraints is also more easily shareable and consumable to other TikTok users.

Lighting quality

Good lighting is key to any video – without light, you can’t see what’s going on. Try shooting next to a window to fill your frame with light. Diffused light works the best and is most complimentary.

Lighting is also important in the background as well, not just the foreground. What is behind you in your content can sometimes be as important as what’s in front. Don’t create your content in a messy or unsightly room, instead, dress up your background with accent lighting, plants, or other decorative items/locations that will compliment your overall aesthetic.

Sound quality

Sound quality is a key part of making quality content. While the microphones on most mobile devices will suffice, going the extra mile and purchasing an external microphone will not only add quality to your content but will provide an edge on your content over others.


Arranging the items within your frame (including yourself) can be one way to add a distinct touch to your content. Plan on how and when things are going to happen to make sure your camera captures all the action.

In the film industry, actors have marks that they move towards to be sure the camera captures their actions accurately and in an artistic way. Simple lay some tape or a small object on the ground to mark where you end up during your content to ensure you’re not wasting time doing unnecessary takes. This will help streamline your content creation flow.

Study your own content

Take a look at the content you’ve already posted and see what has performed the best for you. Some posts might have lots of comments, or some have a large number of likes. Figure out how that content is different from other content you’ve posted, and carry that into your content going forward.

Remember that there is no one format for viral content on TikTok. You don’t need to appeal to all of TikTok. You should focus on niches that have high engagement ratios and fit into your content culture.

Research your competition

Always look at what’s trending in your targeted hashtags and then try to put your twist on those hashtags. Researching what your competition is doing and being up-to-date with current events and what is currently working will pay dividends in helping you create viral content.

Always engage with your audience

When you are creating the content make sure that you are maintaining direct engagement with your audience. Whether it be having a humorous anecdote at the beginning of your video, a cute wink, or a custom ‘hook’ to get people to watch your content, have something. Many successful YouTuber’s have a phrase of saying they use consistently across all of their content. This ‘catchphrase’ can end up being synonymous with you and all the content you are creating. If you are incredibly successful, this phrase can move into popular culture and achieve a mem-like status.

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