How To Go Viral On Youtube – Practices and Tips

So you want to go viral on YouTube but you don’t know how to go about it. Not to worry, in this article we will cover some tips that can help you reach your goal. We will cover how to put your content in a position to have an edge on your competition. There are plenty of things you can do to move toward your goal of going viral on YouTube.

Before you get started, know that you’ll have to dedicate yourself towards your goal, be persistent, and work hard if your going to succeed in such a competitive market. Since YouTube is such a well known and well established website, you’ll have plenty of competition. With hard work you will be able to go viral on YouTube with your content.

Establish your following

When you’re starting out it’s helpful to have a small base following in order to attract future followers to your channel. A helpful way to do this is by purchasing YouTube views, likes, and comments. By using these services you set your channel up for success. Users are more likely to follow accounts that have a growing fan base.

Research your competition

A critical part of starting to rank for your target niche is knowing what your competition is up to. They more than likely have a formula they’ve developed that they base their content creation around. That is the goal for your content too, so start there. Study all aspects of how your competition has managed to go viral on YouTube for the content they are creating. Do they have eye-catching visuals? Do they have exciting background music? Are they shooting with multiple camera angles? Are they engaging and entertaining hosts? These are questions you can ask that can help you to start forming a direction towards making your own formula for your own content creation.

Some additional questions you can ask yourself regarding your competition is are they chatting back with their fans in the comment section? Are they shouting out their followers/subscribers in their videos? What does their video thumbnails look like? By asking these questions you can forge your own path and go viral on YouTube on your own.

Study your own content

A great habit to form is to continually revisit your content and see what could use improvement and what your competition might be doing better than you. Be honest with yourself and you’ll improve over time. To go viral on YouTube means putting your best content forward.

As you develop an eye for what makes good, high-quality content, poor-quality content will stick out to you like a sore thumb. Knowing what doesn’t work is just as important as knowing what does. Learn to critique your content as you go and critique others content when you watch it. Look for common mistakes or things that you notice could be improved and carry that knowledge over to your content. By doing this you can ensure you’ll be on the cutting edge of what makes high-quality content. This will aid you in your goal and go viral on YouTube.

Find your style

A great approach to have when formulating your creative style is this – think of all the Youtubers, regardless of if they are in your niche or not, and how they create their content. Now, imagine if you could get them all in a room together to help you create your content. What sort of elements would you emulate and from who? Maybe you like the cinematography of one YouTuber specifically, but like the presentation style of another. Well, combine the two and you have your very own style. Do this for every aspect of creating your content and couple that with some experimentation and you’ll be well on your way to establishing a unique approach that viewers will know you for and love.

Pablo Picasso once said “good artists copy, great artists steal” – the same can be said of content creation. Everyone on the planet has influences on their style. By harvesting everything you love about content creation from those people you watch, you end up creating an amalgamation of the best aspects of all those people. The result of this will help you go viral on YouTube and establish your unique style.

On the flip side of taking in all those influences, sometimes doing the complete opposite can be effective. Anything goes when it comes to self expression and creating your style so experiment, explore, and have fun.

Optimize with your niche keyword

If you want to go viral on YouTube you need to understand what YouTube is looking for. Keywords are what Google scrapes to find your YouTube video and index it for that term. When you are creating your content always focus it around a single keyword that you are trying to rank for. Google crawlers are in favour of, for example, 10 videos that are 2 minutes long about niche terms rather than 1 video that is 20 minutes long. Keep that in mind when you are creating your content.

Making a content plan can be very helpful to how you continue to create your content over time. After you have researched keywords relevant to your niche, build a content plan before you launch your videos. By having a plan you can reference previous videos in your newer videos creating an internal web of content a viewer can follow.

Be sure to include keywords that you are focusing on in your video multiple times. Google runs audio crawlers on YouTube videos which helps index the videos to the appropriate keywords. Mentioning the keyword early on is a great way to bump your content to the top more quickly.

For example, say you are building a video around the keyword MarioKart 8 Review. Start of your video by saying “Hey, I’m John and today I will be reviewing MarioKart 8, let’s get started“. This simple trick reinforces Google’s crawler that it has found the correct content and ensures your viewer as well knowing immediately what the video will be about. Win-win! A view shouldn’t have to wait 5 minutes before finding out what the point of the video is.

Include your keyword in the video title and description as well to ensure people are finding your videos when searching for a particular term.

Engage with your audience

This is arguably one of the largest aspects of viewer retention and returning viewership. By having an ongoing dialogue with your viewers through comments and messages, you are building a relationship, which is important if you want to go viral on Youtube. When you have a community behind you and your content, rising to the top of the charts happens on its own.

One strategy we’ve all seen is asking viewers to subscribe to content. While hearing “smash that like button!” over and over again is incredibly annoying, there are ways to convey the same message that actually translate into people engaging with your content. By subscribing to your channel your viewers expect enjoyable content, so provide them with that and be grateful for the audience you have. Instead of telling them to subscribe you can ask them instead. You can say something like “if you found this video helpful, please consider subscribing”. The more authentic and real you are, the better you’ll do. Many YouTubers express their genuine gratitude to their community and it translates into a solid following. Thank your subscribers, tell them what it means to have their support, and what it means to you. Being genuine allows you to go viral on Youtube without having to play a role that doesn’t suit you.

When it comes to strangers on the internet there’s no shortage of trolls and people who spout negativity. There will always be people who might not enjoy your content, but don’t let it derail your motivation. If someone is trolling, get creative and respond to them with some humour. For the rest of your following, always comment back. Take the time to talk to everyone who reaches out to you as it will pay off massively down the road.

To manage your comments you can even buy comment likes and dislikes to place comments lower in your page and have your desired comments on the front page. Keep in mind that if your page is in its infancy you can buy subscribers to increase your following. It’s been shown people are more likely to engage with channels that have higher number of established subscribers.

Promote on other social media platforms

Creating a page on all the major social media platforms is a great ways to share your content and obtain organic viewers. There are pockets of niche interests with large following throughout all social media platforms and is a great place to share your content. Many niche groups rely on their digital community as a lifeline, so if your channel is well received, that entire community can be captured in your following.


Forums are a fantastic place to share your content, as long as it’s relevant. When it comes to forums one thing to be aware of is inclusivity. Spammed content on forums is almost immeidately deleted along with the account(s) that share it. If you plan on sharing your content on a forum, be a contributing part of that forum first.


Reddit takes the cake in terms of finding niche subreddits to place content. If you are not familiar with Reddit think of it like an online newspaper and each ‘subreddit’ as a section of that newspaper. There are over 128,000 subreddits of which you can freely post your content (as long as you meet community guidelines). Remember, content is king on this website and if your content is good it can go from 1-1,000,000 views overnight, provided you are strategic with placement.


Collaborations are a great way to not only establish partnerships, but to utilize existing content creators and their viewers. Learning from other content creators is an incredible way to hone your skills and grow your audience and go viral on YouTube.

Partner with content creators who have similar niche content with a similar amount of followers. Start at the bottom and work your way up to collaborating with content creators that have massive followings. Gradually building up your exposure will help you go viral on YouTube and retain your followers.

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